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carta da parati  Lago a Verona


An element to decorate the walls with originality certainly wallpaper. Lake design also offers a set of wallpaper textures, adaptable to any home environment.

london art a Verona

London Art

Original solutions for dressing up the walls, so LondonArt enters homes with its high aesthetic value wallpaper. In our store you will find the many beautiful murals of the brand.

creativespace a Verona


To reinvent your home with unusual decorations, choose Creative Space, the brand we are retailers, with its products with doors and walls, kitchens and wardrobe backs.

Giorgio Graesan a Verona

Giorgio Graesan and Friends

Our Giorgio Graesan And Friends store resells Venetian stucco decorations and spatulas with the high power of the brand. Discover the applications and the wide range of decorative colors.