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About us


Umberto Perbellini started his business as a carpenter, creating a small artisan workshop in the ancient Pisani courtyard, where he initially mainly produced kitchens, bedrooms and furniture for some Veronese furniture makers. This is where the history of the Perbellini joinery begins…


Umberto continues his activity as a carpenter and gets to know Irma. From their marriage are born three children: Annalisa, Valeriano and Gianluca. A few years later, he rents a small laboratory in Rizza di Castel d’Azzano. Umberto is a good man and transmits his passion for the wood to his children, which he involves from an early age in the laboratory. Valeriano and Gianluca begin so to exercise themselves between plane and chisel.


After finishing school, Valeriano began working as a train driver, while his younger brother, Gianluca, driven by the same passion as his father, collaborated with him in the carpentry. With the entry into business of his younger son, Umberto buys new woodworking machinery; The Perbellini carpentry began in this way to broaden its horizons with the production of doors, wardrobes and other custom-made furniture.


This is a turning point for Perbellini Arredamenti. After Gianluca's return from military service, his father was diagnosed a serious illness, for which he died a few months later. Supported by the mother, the brothers make a choice from the heart deciding to take over the father's business, "collecting his witness" that he has left them: the passion, perseverance and dedication for a job as noble as it is ancient.


It was decided to definitively buy the space in Rizza di Castel d'Azzano, which is still the main store and headquarter of the company. The continuous growth of the business leads to the need for a larger warehouse space. So, a short time later, the carpentry and warehouse are moved to a much larger specific building.


Perbellini Arredamenti decides to continue expansion to a larger part of Verona by opening his second shop in San Martino Buon Albergo, in the east of the city.


After a little more than ten years Perbellini Arredamenti is further expanding with the opening of a new store in Bosco di Sona, in the western area of the province of Verona.


In these days Perbellini Arredamenti is an established family business. Our reality is not made up of simple furniture sellers, but of professionals who know perfectly every detail of the product we offer.