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The right type of bed è to choose according to your resting habits and your tastes, but also to the mood of the environment: the furnishings must create an always relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. When the available space is not è many, there are various space-saving solutions on the market: Convertible and foldaway beds, which during the day become multifunctional, practical and beautiful furnishings. To make the beds a 26-rsquo; island of comfort that we receive at the end of the day, we will dress them with the best brands of linen and pillows, so that they will be 26; can always guarantee us more sleepù deep. The room è by far the most 26-ugrave environment; intimate of our home, dedicated to daily rest: the protagonists of the environment are the Beds, which must be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The beds and mattresses can be bought together with bedside tables, comò, weeklies and matching wardrobes, or we can choose to combine accessory elements in specially contrasting materials. The various bed models signed by the best brands are available on the market complete or without a headboard, with or without a container, minimal or più classics, as well as 26-egrave; of different sizes.