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The wood tradition has its home at Perbellini for over 70 years. The experience of our carpentry allows us to install, finish the interiors and create customized furnishings with attention to the smallest details. Our professionalism is a family tradition, inextricably linked to the art of working with wood. Granpa Umberto, in 1948, started this activity, then handed down to his sons Valeriano and Gianluca.

Each of our furniture can be modified, adapted, finished and customized according to the customer's wishes thanks to the workings of our craftsmen. A service that allows us to create original, unique and customized products, with projects that can be adapted to any environment and satisfy any type of need.

"The origin of a story,
our story."


Perbellini Arredamentis team of installers of is composed of carpenters, technicians and professionals of the sector, representing the flagship of the company. Each intervention is characterized by the care of the customer and his home. The installation of the single piece of furniture is carried out trying to minimize the inconvenience inside the home, without sacrificing the precision and accuracy of the work. The first objective is to take care of the installation of every single piece of furniture. The knowledge of the material and the characteristics of each individual piece of furniture ensure that the house remains in perfect order, without any inconvenience after installation.

Our main quality is the care: of customers, furniture and their home.

"Muscles and passion"


The main objective of Perbellini Arredamenti is customer satisfaction, both during and after the purchase of our products. The Courtesy Service is the emblem of Perbellini Arredamenti's approach to its customers. Our sense of service, care, and availability allow you to call us at any time if you have any technical problem with the carried out installation.

The first intervention by our maintainers is always free. And for two years from the purchase of the product, you can also count on our assistance and advice at any time.

“Knowing how to listen is the first rule
for a successful project”