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Design and construction of a house outside the city

Explore the world of a home outside the city, where every space is a story and every element a tangible memory. In every corner, you can breathe the authentic essence of those who live there.

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House on the hill

Immersed in the tranquility of a green area outside the bustle of the city, this house illustrates the excellence of design and attention to detail through its spaces.

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Villa on the Garda

The study of a house overlooking the suggestive shores of the lake.

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Among the streets of the historic center

From lighting to furnishings.
All-round project of a house in modern style.

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We can choose to perform the same action in a thousand different ways. Those who work with their hands know this: touching the wood, studying its details, choosing what shape to give it and observe the final result. This is the passion for us: shaping the material and making it an irreplaceable part of our daily lives, that indispensable part of our life that we call Home. Learn more

Discovering new things means touching and seeing... but first of all, thinking.



Evolution is the daughter of experience. 70 years of Perbellini Arredamenti translate into professionalism, product knowledge, research and customer care. Over time our designers have developed a great sensitivity for the different needs of customers, in designing tailor made spaces and adapting them to the home of each person, couple and family.

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Dedication and passion are refelcted by the eyes of who takes care of every detail.



We are professionals because we face a project from an objective point of view, we always look for the best solution for the customer, we face the most difficult situations with competence and ability to argue. We are professionals because we like the smile on our customers' faces.

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For the whole Perbellini team, Professionalism is a statement since the very beginning.

Staff Perbellini


Since 1948 the Perbellini family has run the company with passion, perseverance and dedication. After the beginning with Umberto Perbellini's carpentry, his sons Gianluca and Valeriano have grown in the last thirty years the business through research, projects and a staff of professionals selected over time, which today represent the core of the company's approach to the product. Matteo and Serena, Valeriano and Gianluca's sons, took up the baton with the same passion and determination of the parents. This is Perbellini Arredamenti's recipe: believing in the project, realizing ideas, involving the public and employees in a single authentic journey.

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