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Design and furnishing of a villa on Lake Garda

living room verona

Villa on the lake

From the design to the furniture, from the più studio; small details to the choice of furniture accessories. A project studied in the round able to adapt to the needs of those who live the house in everyday moments.

A space entirely designed to measure, with large windows that give luminisità all& # 39; environment. The large windows act as frames of a space that immortalizes the moments of everyday life. The elements of the living room make the space comfortable and stylish.


Budapest Soft Sofa Baxter

Sorrento armchair Baxter

Atlas Pattern 2  Baxter

A linear and essential living room furniture, a modular system with an elegant and design style.

Rimadesio Self sideboard

A sleeping area  with a modern design, a complete planning from the lights to the study of the spaces, each element è designed in space to be elegant and functional at the same time.

Mira  lamp; Davide Groppi

Rimadesio Self bedside table

Paris Slim Baxter bed


Definite and essential geometries, Zenith of Milldue è the perfect choice for the più place; intimate of  home.

Bathroom furniture Zenit  Milldue


The bedroom also requires the right attention to detail.

Chloe Poliform bed

Davide Groppi Neuro lamp

Davide Groppi Mira lamp



The living area è l& # 39; environment where the family gathers, hence the choice to create a warm environment with a magical atmosphere.

Table  Riva 1920

CH24 chairs Carl Hansen

Symbiosis and Banner Lamps  Davide Groppi

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