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Slide Lake Floor

Slide, Lago floor

Made in collaboration with  Listone Giordano  su  design by Daniele Lago, the  parquet  Slide in oak  the subversion of the   parquet. The traditional lists are replaced by a  modular system  composed of   three trapezoidal shapes  to be combined together to create many different interlocking games. I  trapezi  you can   combine in so many ways   and will always form a   design  floor interesting, even with a single form. If you put together module 2 and module 3, it results in an aperiodic floor, which generates a 26-nbsp sensation of randomnessà  of shapes that apparently seem many, but in reality 26 -agrave; they are only two.

For the   parquet Slide  è also available the  high-strength UV  oil finish in different colors. Provides excellent performance in  26-nbsp; 26-nbsp; surface abrasion resistance and high  protection against liquids and chemicals  of domestic use, in addition to enhance the beauty of wood and the depthà of color. È certified  antibattericacon  Crystalcare technology.

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