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  • Lake cladding

36e8, Lago cladding

Dal  36e8  system: the concept of the   36e8 wall and floor covering is born Covering  Developed in collaboration with   Lea Ceramiche, & nbsp; the  floor 36e8  allows one  large varietyà of compositions  thanks to the   modules of the system 36e8.  Le  modular slabs  of large dimensions allow  to cover both floors that walls  with  Slimtech, a  UGL laminated stoneware reinforced with fiberglass mat.

  • Lake cladding

The floor 36e8 &evra; a patented product for interior design in hotels, homes, bars and restaurants, public places, shopping centers, shops.  Renewing the ’ home interior è easy with the   36e8 coating in Slimtech, becauseé pu&memorize options; being  laid directly above the existing floor , allowing così di  renew with easeà any room  without too many masonry works.

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