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Masai lamp Davide Groppi

Masai lamp Davide Groppi

With the proposals of our designers and Davide Groppi's interior lamps you will know how to arrange the light points and which lights to buy. In our showroom we offer the Masai floor and suspension lamp and the lights that Davide Groppi has in the catalog of those who want to perfectly illuminate their home. L’ lighting in our homes è used to give indirect light in a room or to enhance a corner or an object in detail. The Davide Groppi Masai floor and suspension lamp for interiors will characterizeà tastefully every interior.

Product: Masai floor lamp

Brand : Davide Groppi

Designer: Maurizio Mancini (2015)

Material: metal and methacrylate

Technical specifications: 110-240 V - 50/60 Hz, LED 15 W - 619 lm

Optional accessories (on request): inclined ceiling fixing kit