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Kauri: the "lord of the forest" with millenary origins

Kauri: the "lord of the forest" with millenary origins

One of the many materials used by the Riva 1920è company; wood from Kauri.

The Kauri derive from a type of conifer that lives in the New Zealand area, these trees are famous for their enormous size, they manage to reach 70 meters in height, winning the first place among the tallest trees; high worldwide.

50,000 years ago a series of cataclysms demolished the Kauri forests by submerging them with water and mud, this process petrified and prevented the decomposition of this wood making it intact even today.


In New Zealand è It is possible to find under the ground of the Kauri wood mines still perfectly preserved thanks to its properties; petrifying and mud preservatives.

The golden hues that make this wood precious are due to the abundance of resin within the roots that become è over the years. transformed into amber assuming the appearance of golden dust.

The extraction phase è a complex and very delicate moment as it presents particular difficulties; due to the soft ground.

Following the extraction, the selection of the boards takes place in order to obtain homogeneous thicknesses, also 26 è a very delicate phase that requires a long and meticulous process.

Once this process is finished, each board is subjected to the Carbon 14 method, this process is carried out on site in the Auckland university laboratories.

Each table canò be completely customizable in order to make the design product unique.