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The general indication for the dining area says it is expected between the table and the 26-rsquo; any wall behind the space needed to move with libertà The sessions. Nell& # 39; dining area, apart or made up in living, the choice of Tables è Bound to the available space. If you love having so many guests for meals, go on a non-fixed table model. In an interior not too big, a table of measures proportional to which to match the seats should be placed. The shapes designed by the best signatures allow you to choose from Round, Rectangular, Square Tables. In the current homes, the kitchen environment opens up to the living room and there is no more than 26 boots; A clear separation between the two rooms. Choosing the Tables depends on the mood of the room and its furnishings, with which they are to be matched. As far as the finishes of the Tables are concerned, there are so many alternatives to wood, glass, metal, and stone.