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In the wide exhibition spaces of our shop in Verona you will find the best brands of sofas and armchairs to furnish with class and elegance, comfort and functionality, your living area. The Living Room Lounges welcome us in relaxation time: the elements are comfortable to choose from, with a 26-inch quality d├ęcor; And able to ensure who is sitting in the right support. In the living area we can arrange the elements of the Salotti in various ways, così How to opt for an upholstered seat with a comfortable relaxation chair or a matching pouf. I salotti più Present are equipped with large seats and for those who also want systems to tilt the backrest and pull out the seat. Corner loungers, linear, but also, for those who do not have a lot of space, sofa beds, which turn into an all-in-one. A team of experts accompany youà In choosing the couch, designing with originalà Of creatività Your home space. Exclusive services and maximum attention to customer requirements are our strengths. Personalized projects and post-sales support ensure maximum customer satisfaction. When purchasing the Living Room Lounges, we must estimate the size of our interior and its functions, which will specify the choice of a two or more 26-uged padded; Seats and armchairs to match. Salotti's companies offer a wide range of models to meet needsà our. Living salons are the protagonists of the space for conversation and relaxation.