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36e8, Lake office rug

Carpet 36e8: designer Daniele Lago

The accessories are beautiful and useful accessories for the office, which personalize your spaces with color. The style of this rug product expresses the excellence of Lago's accessories. Trend lines for the Lago 36e8 Rug. Lago embellishes our 26-nbsp offices with fashionable accessories that give the rooms a beauty inimitable. This example of Lago Rug 36e8 is suitable for a design-style place.

  • lake design

The 36e8 Lago carpet finds its natural place in design-style work spaces. In our shop you will find the 36e8 Lago rug and the wide range of accessories of the Lago brand. How to pair all’ furnishings? With the types of Lake you will have colors and textures to free your creativityà ;. Our consultants will help you in choosing the furnishing accessories.

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