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Doors modern style

We assure you a meticulous home-based assembly service. You will be followed by our long-standing store managers in choosing the Modern Doors of the Best Producers. Along with us you will have the opportunity to touch your furniture handy to embellish your home with doors in modern style to the best. We are the perfect place to get to know the best store managers who will help you choose the furnishings for your home. For your needs, ask our architects. We are open: from Tuesday to Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm Monday to Saturday afternoon from 15:00 to 19:30 and closed Sunday and Monday morning. Come and visit us in our showroom Perbellini Arredamenti, Via Piave, 21 37060 Rizza of Castel D'Azzano in the province of Verona. Our store managers will help you in designing your spaces, providing a check-in visit to space measurement. In our showroom you can touch with hand Modern style doors .