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camerette Lago a Verona


To design with the originality and accuracy of your children's bedroom with unmistakable design, branded Furniture Lakes, entrusted to the professional and serious of our shop.

erba a Verona

Erba Mobili

The young and colorful compositions Erba Mobili can be found in our store and if you want, we can assist you in the tailor-made design of the children's room.

battistella a Verona

Battistella Nidi

If you are looking for a tailor-made design to furnish your baby's room to our store, we will be able to advise you on the most important companies in the industry, including the Battistella brand.

clever a Verona


To design with your originality and accuracy the children's bedroom with Clever branded products that are entrusted to the professional and serious of our shop.

scandola a Verona


Solid wood worked with craftsmanship identifies Scandola's bedrooms, which are then found in our shop. Classical, sober and peaceful atmospheres characterize all the furnishings of the brand.